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Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 19758555
Closing Date 25 - Dec - 2016  |  65 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of Disc P.No. 536 Matl: Pvc, Pipe P.No. 577 Matl. : Pvc, Valve P.No. 722 Matl.: Sus420j2, Valve Seat P.No. 503 Matl.: Pvc, Stuffing Box Of Wasp Pump Model Hst-62, Innr Rng Plat,Dischrgv/V,Krilskr Ac-1670, Cylinder Liner 3510330150, Deletedimpeller 600 Mm Dia For Blower, Pipe-219x9-A210 Gra1 Of Boiler 200/210mw, Bend-219x90-A210 Gra1 Of Boilr 200/210mw, Cap,St20 Stg 5064.01.01,Boilr 200/210mw, Semless Pipes 57*9mm A213t22 Wp 15 Cm2, Pipe 08-2128-404, Deleted Reducer St.12x18h12t 08.7206, Deleted Cap, St 20 Stg 5064.01.04, Deleted Bottom, St 20 96.3695.01.49, Deleted Ring 89, St 10 96.3612.01.89, Deleted Compensator St.2-Kn 08.3607.035, Deleted Rod Dia 24 08.7492.005.04, Alloy Steel Tube 38.1 X 4.5 Sa 213-T-22, Bottom D=134, D=105, 12 1m, Clamp S=6, 12 Cr1mo V08.3261.089, Bottom Od-161, Id=121 96.5041.02.46, Tubes Alloy Steel 76x3.5/76x7.5, Tube Dia 32 X 4mm Thich Sa 213 T 11, Tube 32x2.5(Bhel)Sa 213 T 11, Pipe 32x6, St .12 Cr1mo, Pipe 31x6, St .12 Cr1mo ; T-22, Pipe 38x6, St. 12 1m 08.2161.877, Pipe 38x6, St. 12 1m 08.2161.878, Pipe 38x6, St. 12 1m 08.2161.878.12, Pipe 32x6, St .12 Cr1mo 08.2128.403, Pipe 38x6, St. 12x1m O/V 08.2161.205.11, Pipe 38x6, St. 12x1m Iv08.2161.206, Pipe 38x6, St. 12x1m 08.2161.207, Pipe 38x6, St. 12x1m 08.2161.210, Pipe 38x6, St. 12x1m 08.2161.220, Pipe 38x6, St. 12x1m 08.2161.876, Pipe 38x6, St. 12 1m 08.2161.879, Combined Pipe 32x4, 36x6 08.1868.304.02, Combined Pipes-I 36x6 08.1868.304.02, Combined Pipes, 12x18h12t 08.1868.30, Combined Pipes-Ii, 36x6 08.1868.304.02, Combined Pipes, 12x18h12t 08.1868.307., Combined Pipes, 36x6 08.1868.307.02, Combined Pipes, 36x6 12cr 18ni, Combined Pipes, 36x6 Steel12xcr1m, Clamp, St 20k 08.3632.042, Cds Pln End Rh Tube Mtl-12x1modia,42x4mm, Compensator, St.12x1m 08.3658.158.02, Comb, St.12x13 08.3456.297, Comb, St.12x1m 08.3456.836.01, Cover, St.12x1m 08 3610.168 .55, Comb, St.12x1m 089.3456.578, Ambrasure 08.9050.328, Ambrasure 08.9020.329, Bend, St 20 08.2080.560.01, Manhole, Dia 450 08.9694.062, Deletedprotection Covr,St.12x13 08.3686., Corner Plate 96.3408.12.02, Deletednave 060-0708-018-A3 Pt.No.24, Gear No.Of Teeth-60, 060-708-023-A2, Worm Shaft For Aph Soot Blower, Gland Follower 060-0708-021-A3 Pt.No.4, Air Seal Housing Aph-060-0705 029 A3, Gland Follower Damper 060-0701-021-A3, Tube Carban Steel89x4.5(Rusian)88.9x5.49, Knife 08.3470.052, Face Seal Id-96.0mm 119.1mm 0601101011a3, Spring Safety Valve 80mm Pr-7-15-T-32m-3, Coupling In Assembly, Shaft Bm-15-010-005, Impeller For Eddy Current Ignitor-1, Guide Vanes, Impeller For Eddy Current Ignitor-2, Convolute For Circular Bellow Id 1820 Mm, Gland Follower Bush 060-0712-005-A3, End Bush 060-0712-005-A3, Damper Contrast Assly., Air Damper Bush Drg.060-0712-001-A3, Inlet Damper Guide Bush 07-701-022-A3, Non Metalic Expansion Compensator.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 19758555
Closing Date 25 - Dec - 2016  |  65 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of Valve Spares (case,plug,stem&guide), Cage(17-4ph)For Vhd 6"Xcv,Pb,Va3d, Cage (55316st) For Vdc 6"X5", Pb, Va3r, Cage(17-4ph) For Vdc 14"X 14",, Cage(55316st) For Vdn 14" X Cv=600,, Cage (17-4ph) For Vsc 3"X 2.5,, Cage (055316st) For Vsn 4" X Cv=54, Cage(17-4ph) For Vsc 4"X 2" , Va25d, Fb, Cage(17-4ph)For Vsc 4" X 3", Va2d, Ph, L, Cage (17-4ph) For Vsc 4" X, Cage (17-4ph) For Vdc 4" X 3",, Cage (17-4ph) For Vdc 4" X 2", Fb,, Plug With Stem (17-4ph) For Vhd 6", Plug With Stem (17-4ph) For Vdc 6" X 5", Plug With Stem (17-4ph) For Vdc 14"X14", Plug With Stem (553165t) For Vdn-14"Xcv, Plug With Stem & Cage (ss316st), Plug With Stem & Cage(Ss316st)Vdc12"X10", Plug With Stem & Cage (17-4ph)vhd 2"Xcv, Gasket Set For Vdc 8"X8" Dpa1m,Fcv-0657, Gasket Vsd 6"X5" Va3r,Lcv 0756, Gasket For Vsc 3"X2.5"Va2r,Lcv-0745, Gasket Vdn 14"Xcv-600,Spa2m Lcv-0326b, Gasket For Vdc 10"X10",Vasd,Lcv-0768, Set Of Gasket V-595 For Vhd 2"Xcv-10,Pb,, Gskt Bbu 3.01.01e,H2 Seal,Te&Ee H2 Coolr, ~gasket Bbu No 3.01.01d For Stage 3, ~gasket Bbu No 3.01.01b Stage 3, Gasketvar01generatordrg0139120101700-102, Dummy Shaft For Tg Package St-Ii, Perbunan Sealing Gasket 41391201070, Gasket U Bbu No 3.01.01c, O-Ring 842x5.7 01142105000/059, Caf Gasket 01142801000/030, Arm Right Nrv 400 Cl 300 931171200000, Knock Pin Part No 931171830000, Bonnet Part No 931172370000, S.W.Gskt For Nrv 200 Cl 600 974600090000, Gasket For Jacking Oil System 11936/03, Gasket For Duplex Lub Oil Sys. 11934/03, O-Ring 30x2.65 01160505000/055, Internel Fan 46107-C-421-41, Tube Plg,Lp Heater 1,Stg3 Bbu 2.108.05, Caf Gasket Sh3x 1000x1000 Drain Cooler, Reflex Type Levelgauge Glass For Deaerat, Gskt&Seal C.F.Coler O Ring 01650870004, Gskt&Seal C.F.Coler 6x15x49001650870004, Caf Gskt Dia 438/358,T=1.6 01650170011, Gskt &seal C.F.Cooler O Ring 01650870004, Gaskt D31/22 T=2,Glnd Stm,Lub Oil Cooler, Rubr Sealng Rng Dia 475*8,Glnd Stm Coolr, Packng Dia 22/15 T=2 For Glnd Stm Cooler, Gaskt Dia 589/514, T=1.6,Glnd Stm Cooler, Gaskt Dia 320/257, T=1.6,Glnd Stm Cooler, Gasket Bbu No 2.96.15,Gland Steam Cooler, Gaskt Dia 158/104 T=1.6 Glnd Steam Coolr, Gaskt Dia212/158 T=1.6,Glnd Steam Coolr, Gasket Dia 20/13, T=3,Gland Steam Cooler, Gskt Bbu No 2.96.35,Glnd Stm Cooler Stg3, Gaskt Bbu No 2.96.30glnd Stm Coolr,Stg3, Pack Bbu No 2.96.29,Glnd Stm Cooler,Stg3, Gauge Glass Mounting For Dozing Tank, Deleted Gasketfor One Dgset Ar 32247965, Deleted Cylinder Liner Ar 3241328 K4/02, Deleted Gaskets Set 3175856 Ar-30, Deleted Cap Screw Main Bearing 181211 C2,, Platen Input Socket Drg No 440,441,&442, Thermostat Socket (3 Hole Type), Pilot Light Bakelite Body&Neon Bulb 220v, Output Socket&Bakelite Ins25a/440v-3p+E, Plug&Bakelite Ins 25a/440v-3p+E, Resistance-100kohm, 2w, Chhannel Card (PROCON)-2111(2040), Isolator Card 2203(Procon), Repeat Relay Card 4000(Procon), Chute Block Switches 240v, 5amps, Soleid V/Vs32 Nb(9100f304/54/56)., Thermal Switch(P/N-A-900516-11), Carbon Brush Holder - A-Ii 270 X 25mm, Coil, On-Off Switch, Inddicating Camp, Spring Flat, Coil Spring, Selector Switch, Voltage Regulator, Silicon Rectifier, Blank Of Chp, Slow Blow Fuse 0.315amp, Heating Element (PNO F Of Drg No 442), Heating Element (PNO F Of Drg No 440), Heating Element (PNO F Of Drg No 441), Thermostat Ss Capilary Tubing N250v/10aa, Limit Switch Sprocket-I, Limit Switch Sprocket-Ii, Thrust Cam Unit&Shaft (P2/P3), Position Cam Unit&Shaft (P2/P3), Operating Cam 30 D., Fan Outlet Flex Connect V2 325x450x150l, Solenoid Valve 65nb, Fan Inlet Flexible Connect V3 Q1390x150l, Fan Inlet Multilouvre Damp 500x700x250mm, Supply Of Air Grill Type-I, Sup Air Gril With Std Volum Cntrl Damber, Sprocket For Asbove Rotary Air Lock, Sprocket For Above Gear Motor, Fan Outlet Flex For 3,4,7 670sq X150 L, Fan Outlet Flex Connect De-5 750sqx150l, Faninlet Flex Conect De 3,4,7,8 800x150l, Slide Rail Existing De 3,4,7&8 F/S 280m, Solenoid Valve 25 Nb For Dust Super Sys, Supply Of Air Grill Type-Ii, Fan Inlet Flex Connect De 500x150l, Fan Inlet Flex Connection V2 425x150l, Fan O/Let Flex Conect V3 1475x1060x150 L, Slide Rail Existin
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 19758555
Closing Date 25 - Dec - 2016  |  65 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of WDG3A P/N: 10240380, Deletedtemp Control Switch P/N.12313270, Deletedgear Case Assembly P/N 12087841, Deletedfield Control Pannel P/N: 1220165, Deletedwheel Slip Pannel P/N: 12242494 ,, Deletedthyrite Resistor Partno12300755, Steel Cap Piston(Cr 11.75:1) P/N10142733, Deletedvibration Damper Assly. 10030025, Deletedvalve Lever 10140279(Dlw), Deletedpiston Ring Set Fe Dlw Part No 10, Deletedpiston Engine (STEEL Cap) 1003150, Deletedgasket Top Cyl Liner To Block 101, Deletedgasket Centre Cyl Lin To Block 10, Deletedbolt Spl Conntg Rod To Cap 101407, Deletednut Conn Rod Bolt 10211070(Dlw), Deletedgauge Elongation 15511595, Deletedspring T Bolt 10160073, Deletedfuel Pump Support 10121160(Dlw), Deletedgear Water Pump Dlw 10140505 Wds6, Deletedcap Screw Air Elbow To Turbo 1503, Deletedplunger To Shut Down Valve Dlw 10, Deletedring Piston 10031054, Deletedspring Seat 10210520, Deletedvalve Lever Assly 10040079, Deletedstud Injecn Tube To Cyl Head 1021, Deletedgasket C/C Cover Plate 2460042850, Deletedgasket Cottom Head Cover 09501110, Deletedwrist Pin Lp(Kpcdrgno 0950031800, Deletedbushing Wrist Pin Kpc Pno 0950030, Deletedbig End Brg Assly Std Kpc No:0950, Deletedinter Cooler Tube Assy 0960156850, Deletedoil Strainer Assly 559967/0950155, Deletedset Screw(Kpc Drg No 0950021200), Deletedchain (KPC Drg No 0950145550), Deletedcastle Nut 5/8" Kpc P No. 3120012, Deleteddrive Key (0950023300-KPCDRGNO), Deletedgauge Control Air 11440211/114401, Deletedrelay Air Valve H-5 11360094(Dlw), Deletedrepair Kit Pilot Air Valve-D 1139, Deleteddiaphragm 'O' Rings Gasket F2 Fee, Deletedvalve Regulating D-24d Feed Valve, Deletedf2 Feed Valve ,DLW Part No 113765, Deletedvalve Sealing Ring F-2 Feed Val N, Deletedcarbon Brush For Traction Motor, Deletedair Connection 257815 30001 V0(Pc, Deletedarc Box Complete 058161 30001 V00, Deletedarc Box Assly. 158161 30001 V00(G, Deletedarc Box 358157 30001 P1 (R1&R2), Deletedarc Box Assly. 258161 30001 V00(F, Deletedcord Transition No 207 12221272, Deletedwheel Slip Transformer 12400087, Deletedcbc Coupler-11030756(Dlw), Deletedgear Cases (COMOL) 12087490, Deletedmotor Nose Suspension 11020179, Deletedbrake Shoe 11250185(Dlw), Deletedaxle Box Face Liner 11454635, Deletedrotating Bottom Operat Link With, Deletedknuckle C.B.C. For Single Link Ci, Deletedcomplete Seal Set For Roller Brg, Deletedyoke Support Plate Of Coupler Ass, Deletedlink Rod For Cimmco Wagon 060-502, Deletedbrake Cylinder 14 Burn Std.Bdh Wa, Deletedreservisor Air Brake, Deletedmain Body J 174685/1/D75598, Deletedcurrent Collector.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 19758555
Closing Date 25 - Dec - 2016  |  65 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of Automatic Switch Ty-16-522-110-76, Automatic Switch Stationary A3710 Ot3, Automatic Switch Remote Drivea3720 Ot3, Automatic Ckt Breaker 1.6 Amp A-Ii, Automatic Switch 32/630 A 3716e, Automatic Switch Man Optd A3790 Ot3, Automatic Switch 60a,415vac A3716e, Automatic Switch 630a A3798 St3, Automatic Switch Ty-16-522-110-74, Automatic Switch 25/630 A 3716e, Automatic Switch 40/630 A3716e, Automatic Switch 80/630 A3716e, Switch Ty-16-526-128-78, Deleted Control Sw 2p 2way 30a,240v Rpm, Switch Oct-160-526-001-77, Switch Oct-160-526-001-77, Compact Switch Mkb 22222, Misc Swtch Compct 16a,220v Dc Russian, Misc Swtch Compct Swtch 16a,220v Dc L&T, Misc Swtch Compct Swtch 16a,220v Dc Ee, Plug And Socket, Misc Swtch Compct 220vdc,20a Russian, Compact Switch Fwdb 112222, Misc Switch 415,600a L&T C/O Type, Misc Switch Trip Switch 16a,220v Dc, Misc Switch Is:3452 Pt-Ii 1a 240vac Spd, Automatic Circuit Breaker, Control Cktbkr-2p-6a-240v (MDS), Mcb Is:8828 Triple Pole 80a 660v, Mccb Is13947,Th. R-2p 2a 240v Ac, Nf Breaker Type:Bh-X 2p 10a Ac265v, Spring R-281-055-01, Input Breaker (S-203),200A,415V,42KA, Spring Charging (MANUAL) Handle, M-Pact Air Ckt Bkr M-2025 E/E 2500a/415v, Deleted Push Button Actr-Shrd Redl&Ttk2/, Stay Push Buttons2.10a/220v, Push Buttonyello,6a/220v.1no+1nc, Rectifier 600v 16a E11406-66, C/Acces P/Butntype 212-7t3 (3123), Socket 2ptt 60k H47 37b, Spare Coil,Mm0010a Contactor 415vac, Coil 110v For 10a Contactor 3no+2nc, Front Housing&Moving Bridge Kit,St28733, Front Housing&Moving Bridge Kit,St28766, Spare Coil For Mn25,110v Ac,50hz,Ss94192, Spare Coil For Contactor Lc1-D32,110v Ac, Front Housing&Moving Bridge Kit,St28735, Mech Interlock Kit For Fn125 Sk95232oooo, Top Housing For Contactor Type -LC1-D323, Spare Coil For Ml1 ,110V Ac,Ss9087, Moving Contact Asly,Fb/Fbc-400 Sk90853, Backing Plate,Terminal,Fb/Fbc-400sk70430, Fixed Contact For Fb/Fbc-250,Sk70347, Arcing Horn For Fb/Fbc-400 Switches, Fixed Contact For Fb/Fbc-400 Switches, Bridge For Fb/Fbc -250 Switches, Arc Chute,Fb/Fbc -250 Switches Sk90737, Backing Plate For Terminal (ESP 1-6), Arcing Horn,Fb/Fbc-250 Switches Sk70420, Arc Chute For Fb/Fbc -400 Sk 90855, Coil For 3ta21 Contactor Voltage 240vac, Coil For 32a Contactor 910-396-171-88, Spare Kit For Contactor Ml-0(L&T)Ss90978, Coil For Aux.Contactor 415v Ac, Coil For 16a Contactor ,110 V Ac, Main Contact Kit For 3ta 21 ,3TY1-210-0A, Coil For Aux.Contactor 110v Ac, Primary Disconnect Less Than 125 Amp, Primary Disconnect In Mccs 100a, Primary Disconnect In Mccs 350a, Primary Disconnect Greater Than 125 Amp, Top Housing For Contactor Lc1-D17, Spare Kit,Contactor 3ta67,3ty1 211-0a, Spare Kit For Ml Contactor L&T Ss-91670, Top Housing For Contactor Type-Ca2 Dn 14, Spare Coil For 16amp Bch 220v Sp 9, Setting Plug Current Rating 71% Formccb, Setting Plug Current Rating 90% Formccb, Setting Plug Current Rating 80% Formccb, Setting Plug Current Rating 100%Formccb, Fixed Contact Of Aux.Cont R-550-013-03, Fixed & Moving Contacts For Field, Contacts Kit,L&T Contactor Mv-1 24vdc, Top Housing For Contactor P/N La5-Dn1319, Operating Handle Forfb/Fbc-Sk 16315(L&T), Ffo/Ff Handle Coupler & Door I/L, Aux Isolat Contact For Cradle Side Oesa, Fixed Contact - Diew685171-001-01-St, Auxiliary Contact Bridge-Diew 685071-001, Auxiliary Contacts Bridge R-553-011-01, Fixed Contact Of Aux.Conts R-550-013-02, Lt Swtch Gr:Bus Bar Suppg Insulr, Supporting Insulator For E Type Module, Independent Mounting For Relay 3ux-1418, Handle Assemly -A For Fn 125,Sk912580000, Insulator For Outgoing Module C&S, Main Contact Bridge Kh 553-044, Fixed Contact - Diew685071-001-Tr-550, Fixed Contact Of Main Contact R-550-027-, Block Of Protection (RUSSIAN)5B3 Typ, Spg Chg Mot,220v Ac, Acb 3wn6, -630, Add On Block For Ax Con Ss-92020, Porcelain Kitkat Fuse Unit 16amp 415v, Arc Barriers,Ge Spectronic Acb 2500a., Charging Spring 800a, Fixed Arcing Contact 800 A (SL90631), Charging Spring 1000a, Charging Spring 1600a, Deleted Locking 2500a Acb Cat.No. Sl, Deleted Bus Bar Insulator Panel 1/4" Ba, Deleted
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 19758555
Closing Date 25 - Dec - 2016  |  65 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of Deleted Auxilary Contact 12 Way 630-3200, Deleted Auxiliary Switch (5 No + 5nc 630, Deleted Auxiliary Switch (5no+5nc) 630a-, Deleted Drive Pawl (manual Operation)-I, Deleted Trip Lever Of Acb Type-I, Deleted Trip Piece Of Acb Type-Ii, Deleted Special Adaptor Plate Sgp 114032, Deleted Toggle Link Sga 2100383, Deleted Current Transformer 1600/5 Cl3 7, Deleted Drive Pawl (manual Operation)-Ii, Deleted Drive Pawl (motor Operation)-I, Deleted Contact Finger Set For Switch Ge, Connector Lever-Ii Of Acb, Deleted Adjusting Screw-Ii For Acb, Deleted Power Contractor Cluster Assy-M, Deleted U/V Trip Device Complete Type-I, Deleted Ratche Wheel, Connector Lever-I Of Acb, Deleted Coil 110 V For 16a Contactor 3no, Deleted Moving Arcing Contact Type-I, Deleted Toggle Link For Acb Type-I, Deleted Trip Lever Of Acb Type-Ii, Deleted Trip Button, Deleted Adopter Sga-0130363, Deleted Shutter Set Switch Gear Type-I, Deleted Drive Lever (manual Operation) A, Deleted Moving Contact For M 1620, Heavy Duty Mws Inner Spring, Deleted Trigger For Acb Type-I, Deleted Operating Rod For Acb Type-I, Deleted Closing Spring, Deleted Main Contact Fixed-For M 2025, Deleted Sliding Assy Unit, Slotted Spring Pin Style-2 5/16"X2.5", Deleted Trigger For Acb Type-Ii, Deleted Charging Latch For Acb-I, Deleted Adjusting Screw-Iiifor Acb, Deleted Shunte Trip Device Complete, Deleted Operating Rod For Acb Type-Ii, Deleted Drive Lever (motor Operation)-Ii, Deleted Fixed Arcing Contact Type-I, Deleted Drive Pawl (manual Operation)-Ii, Deleted Current Transformer 1000/5 Cl3 7, Deleted Spare Kit Contactor Cat No 3ty1, Deleted Anti Pumping Assy, Deleted Operating Rod For Acb Type-Iii, Deleted Drive Lever (motor Operation)-I, Deleted Contact Fingr Set, Deleted Trip Piece Of Acb Type-Ii, Deleted Locking Nut Type-I, U/V Trip Device Complete Type-Iii, Deleted Release Lever Type-I, Deleted Jaw Contact For M-1620 Contactor, Deleted Ratchet Wheel Link Type-I, Deleted Drive Lever (manual Operation)-I, Deleted Ratchet Wheel Link Type-Iii, Deleted Moving Shutter For M-812, Deleted Contact Spring, Deleted Moving Contact For M2025, Deleted Release Lever Type-Ii, Deleted Reset Spring Of Acb, Deleted Fixed Main Contact Type-Iii, Deleted Contact Finger Set For Acb, Charging Latch For Acb-Ii, Deleted Current Transformer 2500/5 Cl3 7, Deleted Toggle Link For Acb Type-Ii, Deleted Back Pannel - Sga - 3100103, Deleted Fixed Arcing Contact Type-Ii, Deleted Shunt Trip Deveice Complete 950, Deleted Sliding Lever, Deleted Drive Pawl (motor Operation)-Ii, Deleted Shuntrip Device Complete, Deleted Locking Nut Type-Ii, Deleted Connector Lever-Iii Of Acb, Deleted Trigger For Acb Type-Iii, Drive Lever Motor Operation, Deleted Closing Spring Of Acb Make Meyle, Deleted Coil 110v For 10a Contactor 3no+, Deleted Release Lever, Deleted Drive Lever (manual Operation)-I, Deleted Arcing Contact Fixed Ll 53072 1, Deleted Moving Arm Contact Switch Gear -, Deleted Trip Piece Of Acb Type-Iii, Deleted Coil 110 V For 105a Contactor 3n, Deleted Adjusting Screw-V For Acb, Deleted Fixed Arcing Contact Type-Iii, Drive Pawl (motor Operation)-Iii, Deleted Ratchet Wheel Type-Ii, Deleted Trip Spring, Deleted Ratchet Wheel Link Type-Ii, Deleted Charging Handle Acb Meyle-I, Deleted Charging Handle Acb Meyle-Ii, Deleted Bottom Fixed Contact (sga 410002, Deleted Ltf Fixed Strip For M2025 Sga 11, Deleted Fixed Arcing Contacts 2500 Amp., Deleted M2025 Moving Arm Hylem Sga 31000, Deleted Charge Free Window Sga 0810010, Deleted Closing Coil Sga 0120676, Deleted Moving Arcing Contacts 2500 Amp., Deleted Heavy Duty Mws Inner Spring Sga, Deleted Rack Lever Sga 0100123, Deleted Operating Handle Sga 0140791, Deleted Slow Close Tube Sga 2130546, Deleted Rack Lever Sga 0100122, Deleted Mech.Anti Pumping Device Sga 010, Deleted Cleat Type Clamp For Earth Wire, Simens Adopter Plate Cat.No. 3tx6406-Oa, Key Operated Switch H&B 9361-0-3204652, Slotted Spring Style2 For Lt&Ht Cb 3/16", Triping/Closing Coil For Siemens 800a, Spring R-281-057-01, Slotted Spring 1/16"*2.5, Charging Spring 1250 A, Slotted Spring Style2 For
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 19947310
Closing Date 08 - Nov - 2016  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Ote: Qty 964 Kgs: Brass Rod 11+/- 0.10 Mm Dia In Length Of 2 Metres Min
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value Rs. 5 Lakh
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 20082243
Closing Date 07 - Nov - 2016  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Cfl, Rod, Chowk, Wire, Tape, Plas, Paana And Chaabi Set For Municipal Council Antri Distt.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 19981158
Closing Date 05 - Nov - 2016  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Earthing Rods for 3X20 MW BHPS-II Deolond.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value Rs. 5 Lakh
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 20010865
Closing Date 05 - Nov - 2016  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchasing Of street lite new powar sewar bajaj 4x24 wat complete Rod, with claimp nat bolt/
Sector Forest Departments Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 20070277
Closing Date 05 - Nov - 2016  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of various construction materials – bricks, sand, ballast 20 & 10mm, iron Rod 10 & 20 mm, cement, hard murram, vetrified tiles and bathroom tiles, doors, window and ventilators etc. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
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