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Latest Industry of Other Non Metallic Mineral Tenders

Sector Paper and Paper Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 46397732
Closing Date 24 - Dec - 2021  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of general waste1942.48kb - scrap-waste/unusable, plywood (unusable/waste, side covers, top lids, pallets, etc.), paper core pipe, scrap - rejected kraft sheet, scrap - rejected edge, protector, scrap - hvac, filter(aluminium frame ), scrap - ss materials, scrap - phosphorous bronze, carton box, scrap - cotton comber-, rejects from cylcone, separators, scrap - fork lift tyre with or, without metal rim, scrap - aluminium material, scrap - rubber belts.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.06 Million approx. / 10.68 Lakh
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 46486974
Closing Date 22 - Dec - 2021  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of lead sheets and strips for other than chemical purposes- is:405 (q3)
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 46419959
Closing Date 20 - Dec - 2021  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Central procurement of nbcd iems (33 items) - arm badges, co2 cartridge 120gm, cement rapid hardening, band multipurpose for 50mm-100mm dia pipes, circular stopper plate complete with fittings, firmer chisel short plain 50mm, flat cold chisel 22x200h button head, round crow bar with chisel and claw ends 1070 mm length 29mm dia, nail 63 mm chequred head, nail double point (spiked head), flax canvas (variety no. 1), lead sheet 1000 x 1000 x1 mm thick, sheet rubber type “a” grade-1, thickness 3 mm, size 1 x 1m, oakum white, wooden mallet (medium), plug sq tapered soft wood 75mm x 20mm x 12mm, plug tapered soft wood 75mm x 25mm x 12mm, plug sq tapered soft wood 150mmx50mmx 38mm, plug tapered soft wood 200mm x100mmx75mm, plug tapered soft wood 300mmx150mmx100mm, timber shore soft wood him season 100 x 100 x 3000mm, "timber planking t/g , 75 x 225 x 3000mm", pop riveting gun with rivets , pyrotech light stick 8”, set of spanners sizes-d10/11, d13/14, d16/17, d19/24, spanner wheel 305 mm af, shore steel adjustable telescopic 1.0 to 1.7 m, splinter box 160x160x127 mm, splinter box 250x250x127 mm, splinter box 305x305x127 mm, staple steel clamp round 150mm, tape insulating 25mm, wire rope steel galvanised for seizing 2.57mm for cgsd(chn) against ard-21.
Sector Computer Softwares Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab Tenders Ref.No 46325437
Closing Date 14 - Dec - 2021  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction for disposal of store inventory, store t&p and t&p of central tool room (ctr) items of guru nanak dev thermal plant (gndtp), wear strip, liner, snap ring, indurite throats, roller brg.542-015, bgr.mounting plate, 22.5d bend-8" dia, front housing 542316, rear housing 542317, frame 542-010, ci pipe 150mm d spun, valve body 106-010l, oil seal 5"-6"-1/2", oil seal 125-152-13, lateral 45d 768-6, lateral 45d 768, rubber bucket st9/2", pnuemt.cyl. mhv 9/2", ss slide for segret, valve outlet 106-011, rubber bucket st10", solonoid valve 1", 10"ci cp follower r, seal sol.velv.popt, seal kit 4/4"x5/2", seal sol.vlv g-3456m, 30 elbow, 200nb.p.15el.r.h400, r.c.i pipe 10"1536, 15 d elbow 200 nb, collector tank aseem, i.ringo mast plate, set of liners, set ofliners 6 coni., sol/v 1/4"bsp m31119, s/kit m 31119-7-20g, s/kit 211102 25-8g, valve 5/3 57412-10-3, s/kit 51412-10-3g, ni-hard-c-tank-liner, c.i. coupling 200 nb size,"c1.comp, ms clamp 10", si rubber gasket, chain 0.1 pe 1224, main hole assy 2kit, main hole door 2.6"q, housing m.s 310, driver sprocket, pack sealing, spring wave, cam, ring lantern, ring spacer, diaphragm f/shaft, hsg brg, oil seal, seal kit 10"air/wcyl, g/face k20102, remen/seat k-20068, roller assy, 8"tube set pump16072, nozzle cerm in, ring align jet pump, clamp flage half 8", body, seat, lever shaft, shaft, bushing, cover accessory, seal kit oil, spring tension, lever operating, cylinder 4"x48/8, seal kit for cyl, slide 8"is kd1964521, slide 10"is, lever operating, shaft tersg., clamp band, 4way sol.zz0v vlv, 3 way sol vlv 220v, body hopper, follower packing g., gland packing hsg, spinger(p.n.-210341), s.s shaft sleeve, cover seal, cover seal, circlip 85mm, shaft cover, retainer packing, th.hub driven sprock, ash tak val., o ring 406192-23, sleeve bearing k-405, flushing nozzle, ring gland k-18095, ring, wear plate(front), wear plate, waer plate side, cam support, bush q taperlock, end plate brg.hou, cul air 219"x6", water supply inlet, wedges lock, operating cyl 10", gear box clinker, end ring cover g.pac, casing, vent valve seat 5/2", guide orig.h24"x24", guide org.k-20275, shaft 2"diax29.5lgcs, wedge adj seating cs, liner ash s gate, piston rod elevis, shoulder bolt, nozzle torugh50", driving plate p-19, multi disc fcu-10.5, inlet piece 216-010, indurite reduce796.4, throat increser 8", nozzle plate-8", s.s.nozzle tips, 500x50-liner nihard, inter-wear piece, inlet liner 226-010, throat liner 226-014, znlet wetting head, gate, nrv cast c/s 8"din40, e.side liner/916-015, suction sleeve flang, follower-cicoupl-10", 250 int.wear back90d, 250 int.wear back45d, 250 int.w.back 45/2d, 10"flang adop d-135, gland valve 910-017, split spacer 916-307, stuffing box 916-016, ci looping comp., brg.housing cover pe, brg.housing cover de, taper sleeve-pulley, fl anger-026, brg.retainer ring, brg.spacer 016-020, spring retainer ring, pipe clamp 10"pipe, cer.bend 1d 257, 45 d elbow 10", elbow 10"22, impeller mm1, gland flange suction, gland flang discharg, base bush suction, base bush discharge, brg.collar suction, brg.colar discharge, suction piece 1, discharge piece 2, casing stage, discharge nozzle, track adopetor, rotor 192-015, driving sprocket ms, driver sprocket, bearing assy, pump shaf.coupling30, adjustable nut 27/16, discharge brg.upper, discharge lower brg., u lather seal (20), u seal supp.ring(21), u seal snap ring 22, impeller 9, thrust bearing seat, thrust hub 89, tension nut 70, connector bearing 41, mounting cover 87, top intermid.bowl, intermidiate bowl, suction bowl, suction bell, stuffing box assy, discharge bowl, t.t. nut brg., top enlose tube 46, enclosing tube 46, rump frame suitables, scw.75x56.6x85 mm, t.t.nut brg.hp pump, column pipe h.p pump, spindle c.s. p-17, stand pipe, adj.nut, lower coup.half pn91, guide brg. bush, rub-bush link assy., gland bush-174, bush + lock nut, suction bell p.2, lock collet-6, inter-m-bowl-7, intr/bowl brg-8, flow ring-11, pump shaft coupl-20, stuffing box, split pack gland-38, flex.coup.p-43, rub pack flex coup, immdiate b.modified, scr ball brg.rub.cut, suction bal brg., sand coller-6, seal ring-7, bearing, shaft cuplin, lantern ring, botton c.pipe p.no23, top coal.pipe p.no25, adjusting nt no 39, flex coupling no 40, packing gland p.no35, r.bush nut&bolt, impeller 9, thrust 82, top intermedi.bowl, intermediate bowl, suction bowl, discharge bowl, stuffing box assy, top enclose tube 46, inter enclose tube43, bott.enclose tube 28, link assy.glp-231, g/bush l.p pump s-i, connct.brg lp pump, tension nut, discharge brg lower, thrust, tube tension nut, connector brg., discharge case, inter bowl brg., intermediate bowl, impeller p-10, suction bell, pump shaft coupling, assy, neck ring 407 r3, gland bush l.p,, sh.sleeve ss-410, gland bush vaccu pum, gland pac bag, lock nut for rotor, look washer, bearing bracket, stud cas.brg bra
Sector Dairy Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 46463345
Closing Date 09 - Dec - 2021  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Contract for sale of unusable scrap, damaged empty tins, all type of waste unusable empty woven/ plastic bag, paper bag, tarpaulin, jute cloth, empty plastic crates, pvc plastic strip, plastic miscellaneous scrap, damage empty plastic barrel, cardboard scrap, box strapping strip, unusable empty plastic drum, medical scrap items, empty injection glass bottle, injection needle, empty plastic bottle, damage glass scrap, bulb, tube light scrap, all type cable scrap, rubber scrap, backlight scrap, miscellaneous newspaper scrap, old register, books, pamphlet, tanker seal scrap, damage/ rejected plastic pouch roll scrap, uht milk rejected/ scrap pouch roll, all type of joint metal scrap like iron, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, galvanized iron, unusable iron tin scrap, unusable plastic barrel scrap, unusable plastic bucket with cap, unusable tyres, all type of stainless steel scrap (non magnetic & magnetic), unusable aluminium empty can scrap, aluminium scrap, all type of copper scrap, brass scrap, iron scrap, spare parts, pipe pieces, iron plat, iron bearing, nails, rods, angle, channel, window frame & other all type of iron scrap, casting drain tiles, casting drain lid, drain pipe, unusable thermocol box, unusable air filter/ oil filter, plastic pouch scrap, plastic pouch roll scrap, cardboard scrap, carton scrap, all type of asbestos sheets, empty craft paper bag, polythene plastic liner empty bag, etc form 01/12/2021 to 31/03/2022. #Gujarati
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 46297984
Closing Date 08 - Dec - 2021  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Supply of lead sheets and strips for other than chemical purposes- is:405 (q3) ()
Sector Other Metal Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andhra Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 46495332
Closing Date 08 - Dec - 2021  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Auction sale of 0iron scrap-w/rubber attachments., 1s.m.scrap-steel furniture, 2iron scrap-spare wheel carrier, 3s.m.scrap-shock absorbers, 4iron scrap-seat frames ordinary, 5iron scrap-seat framessemi/del/ex, 6s.m.scrap-tools, 7iron scrap-wheel disc rings, 8u/s auto slack adjuster, 9scrap-empty eng.oil barrel 205ltr, 10m s scrap super luxury2seater, 11m s scrap super luxurysingle seat, 12iron scrap-u clamps all types, 13u/s air drier d.d.unit, 14u/s air tanksall types, 15scrap-empty dent/damage brls 205lts, 16scrap-empty grease barel w/lid, 17scrap-empty grease brls dent/damage, 18scrap-battery charger, 19s.m.scrap-fire extingusher, 20s.m.scrap-gear box loose parts, 21s.m.scrap-king pins, 22u/s housingsall typeclut/gb/, 23cop.scrap-capacitors and ballast, 24c.i.scrap-zib crane, 25iron scrap-tickets trays and boxes, 26c.i.scrap-brake drum skimm.powder, 27scr-volt.stebliser&bus tv.invertors, 28iron scrap-anchor plate, 29c.i.scrap-g.boxtop/coversalltypes, 30u/s 1 hp motor, 31u/s motor 3 h.p., 32ms u/s s-cam shafts all types, 33al w/iron scp u/s viscus fans, 34ci w/al aly clutch master&slev cyli, 35u/s clutch assemble, 36u/s weighing machine300/500 cap, 37u/s 55 kva alternator, 38u/s lcd/led telivission, 39u/s flywheel with ring, 40scrap-wet grinder, 41scrap-table fans,
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 46315713
Closing Date 07 - Dec - 2021  |  1 Days ago View Tender Details
Sale of condemned hospital equipments and scrap, cassettes, wax spatula, straight probe plain, hand scalier, lecrons carver, tweezer, cement spatula ss, mouth mirror with top, parallel glass condensor, round condensor, sugical curette, scissor, cutter, upper forceps, lower forceps, elevators, artery dorcep, needle holder, straight hand piece with burner, plaster spatula, bone curette, periosteal elevetor, iron stool, o2 key, iron strechner, o2 meter, waste bucket with stand, venisection scissor, non tooth forcape, bp handle, chital focape, synus forcape, tinacle forcape, tonge depressor, steel bowel, small basin stand, spoon, steel kidney tray, hammer, steel basin, steel thali, steel bucket, enamel basin, kidney tray, o2 flow meter, venisection tray, tooth forcape, bed cradle, brass khalbatta, steel tifin with cover, steel dabba with handle, steel box with cover, steel spoon, steel thali, bed side screen, bed pan, urine pot, enamel bowel, enamel jar, artri forcep, alic forcep, medium scissor, tooth forcep, non-tooth forcep, basin stand, resuction kit, needle holder, venisection tray, sponge holding forcep, triangular plate, steel basin with stand, surgical scissor curve, dressing drum, wall watch, street light, basin stand, oxygen trolley, enema can, nasta plate steel, steel tray, artery forcep straight, eye lid retractor, entopain forceps, keratom, calagian forcep, iris repositor, catract knife, lacrimal bone punch, lacrimal bone neeblur, lacrimal bone chizal, lacrimal bone hammer, illis forcep, lence x pressor, punctum dialater, kerrison neebley ranger, chatal forcep, superia rectus forcep, nizal rectractor, piles dressing forcep, kochar clamp curved, doins rectrators, zerneys rectrators, renal calculus forceps, muthiysn towel clip, kochar clamp straight, hurnia ring forcep, bladder sound, malleable copper, enamel bowel with cover, magiles connection, spatula, deaber retractor, three way cannula, bayonal shaped dressing forcep, nasal gauge killans, thumbs grip pointer, tilly herpin toxeller, tilly antaral toxaller, mls upord knife, trachiostomy tube, latteral otosfame remo plastic, tuning forcep, stegles spatula set, jekuns grangas, mastoid rangular curve double action, henekal granulation forcep, hand bus for winding forcep, steel tray cover, lotion stand with bowl, stool, stovepitli, milk measure set, ebamel tray, hammer, needle holder, autoclave drum, attendant stool, i.v. stand, o2 stand, ambu bag with lyriango scope, labour table, iron cot, iron bench, slide projector, almirah. dining table, notice board stand, rack wooden, poster frame, poster stand iron, rack iron, filling cabinet, kening chair without hand, iron stool, waste bucket with stand, steel almirah, bed side locker, iron chair and exicutive chair, food trolley, dressing trolley, wooden bench, wooden caning chair, revolving chair, examination chair, examination table, fowler bed, wheel chair, steel bucket, wooden bench, wooden chair, steel drum, steel rack, hand spray, wheel chair, woode stool, writing table, bmw bucket stand, kick bucket with stand, executive table with sunmike, revolving stool, attendant stool, foot step, wooden table, steel stool, steel godrej cupboard, streture trolley, linen trolley, hand cart, iron chair, medicine cabinet, benches, fowler bed, foot step, steel bed, rack, medicine trolley, mayos trolley belonging to health institution under district civil surgeon
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