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Sector Other Metal Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 44254402
Closing Date 22 - Jun - 2023  |  561 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of 0cured tbr tire tread whole, 1cured tbr/plt tire sw with bead, 2cured tubes/flap/ cut pieces, 3scrap compound nr butyl, 4cured cut tbx tire with bead, 5scrap bladder, 6scrap green tire tbx+radial, 7calendered fabric/chaffer/c. yarn, 8scrap steel friction with or w/o compd, 9peel off tyre shavings, 10wire mesh with or without compound, 11green bead tbx+radial, 12ms drums empty 200-250 kg capacity, 13brass/gun metal items, 14aluminium items, 15elect.rubberized copper cable/wire, 16motor and electrical component, 17plastic drums/cane empty, 18elect.rubberized allumn.cable/wir, 19colored embossed poly, 20electronic componente-waste, 21plastic pallet/sheet+white/black poly for packaging, 22ferrous material, 23g.i. /tin incl. duct, 24bag empt-paper/hdpe/hessian, 25tube valve, 26wood / ply/ packing card board sheet/disc, 27iron floor tile with concrete, 28trash uncategorised general, 29used cardboard drum complete, 30domestic waste, 31service failed tube, 32service failed cut tyre plt tread casing, 33service failed cut bead plt sidewall, 34service failed cut tyre pieces nylon, 35service failed cut tyre pieces radial, 36service failed cut flap pieces, 37service failed cut bead pieces, 38service failed tube valve.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 46049450
Closing Date 30 - Sep - 2022  |  296 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of ration items, sewwes and bakery items. #*. maintenance of computer and other items desktop computer, cctv camera, laptop, , networking (lan), photo copier, laser printer, pen drive, ccvt camera, web camera, cartridge, caridge refilling. #*. building construction materials white washing of building (including supply of all material, labor etc.), one coated (, distempering (including supply of all material, labor etc.) oil bond distemper, apex painting (including supply of all material and labour), enamel painting, painting of railing pipes 100 dia (including supply of all material), painting of railing pipes 80 dia, finishing wall with superior quality water proof cement, paint/samosam of approved make and quality with two coats to give even shade including preparing surface, roof paint including all materials and labour, red oxide including all materials and labour, windows glass 4 mm including material and labour, glass plain, cement. #*. supply of tshirt,jersy, shocks, tie belt, track suit and blazer. #*. supply of sports items volleyball, volly ball net, basket ball, basket ball net, , volly ball pole, hand ball, foot ball, hand ball pole, hand ball net, hand ball player kit, foot ball stud(shoes), foot ball socks(full, size), foot ball keeper gloves, knee cap(foot ball) wrist band badminton shuttle cock, , badminton net, hockey sticks, hockey goal keeper, kit, hockey net, sin guard hockey, sin guard football, hockey shoes(stud), hockey sports kit, football player kit, hockey kit bag, hockey traf ball, cricket bat, cricket stump, track suit, sports kits javlion, football net, hockey socks. #*. supply of beddng items, mattress,bead sheet, towel , pillow, blanket, mosquit net. #*. supply of furits and vegetable. #*. supply of shoes & slippers . #*. sticthing of uniform. #*. supply of stationery items long note book, long note book (with school name and, logo pringing), practical note book - physics, chem,, bio, geo., comp., general science, maths, chart paper, water colour, drawing pin (thumb pin), gum bottle, ball pen / pilot pen, refills, duster, pencil, white board marker, white board marker ink, white board duster, chalk box, scales, scales, rubber, sharpner, geometery box complete, graph note book (32 pages, without cover, drawing copy, drawing copy, school bags, sketch pen, main answer sheet, supplementary, answer sheets, outline maps india, thread roll, plastic rassi gola, rubber band, color chart paper, assignment sheet register with jild, photostat paper rim, colored paper rim file cover with double hole, file cover with double hole, fevicol, cello tape, packing tape, stamp pad, allpin, stapler pin, stapler pin, stapler, gum bottle, tags, tags, correction pen white fluid, calculator, envelope plastic laminated, permanent market (black/red/blue) fevi stick. #*. supply of daily use items broom, tooth paste, shoe polish liquid, mosquito coil, harpic, sanitary napkin, soap, toilet cleaner, phenyl, hair oil, tooth brush, viper.
Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Assam Tenders Ref.No 46170305
Closing Date 31 - Jan - 2022  |  54 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of crome casing pipes, chrome tubing pipes, drill pipes, heavy weight drill pipe, drill collars, drilling stabilizers, drilling/ workover handling tools --- elevators, tongs,, slips etc., xc polymer, potassium chloride (kcl), cmc-hvg, nifa, pac-lvg, pac-hvg, potassium formate, solid control equipment --- mud cleaner/ degasser/, centrifuge/ linear motion shale shaker, sucker rod pump and its accessories, aqueous foam forming 6% concentration, ethyl mercaptan, low shear velocity fluids/polymers, emd chemical dosing pump, reciprocating pump, hsp 20/40, isp 20/40, isp 30/50 mesh, pig tracker/transmitter, pipeline locator, cement additives, logging cables, hiring of the services of hydrofracturing in wells, tri cone roller drilling bits of various sizes, 11"od standard reverse circulating junk basket & 7.7/8" od reverse, circulating junk basket, pdc drill bits of various sizes, fishing tool; 6.5/8 inches od junk sub for operation inside 8.1/2 inches, hole, impression block for 4.5 inch od , 5.0 inch od, 9.625 inch od & 13.375 inch, od casing, pneumatic spinner, 5.1/ 2" premium threaded casing (grade: n80 & grade p110), cased hole logging units with tools and accessories along with, installation, commissioning and training, wireline mast unit, including training and installation&, commissioning, oil well explosives : (i) 2-1/8 inch tubing cutter along with detonator, and hardware accessories, ii) 1-9/16 inch tubing puncher/ circulation charge & hardware, accessories, oil well explosives : explosives for baker pressure setting tools :, power charge, primary ignitor & secondary ignitor, procurement of oil well explosives used in exploration and, production of hydrocarbon, i) deep penetration charges, ii) resistoriess detonator assy,, iii) deto cord 80 hmx nylon ls 1.4s, iv) 54 mm strip carrier, 6spf, 12 ft/3 m long, v) detocord /charge clips, vi) tandem connector ,2.1/8" stri p carries, vii) splice boot for lead wire, viii) detonator cord retainer, ix) 53.975 mm (2.1/8") od firing head assy, x) nut & bolt for connecting strip, xi) nut & bolt for connect tandem (xii) deto cord end seal (100, nos./pkt), xiii) 2.1/8" charge tightening wrench, truck - mounted fluid pumping unit (fpu), double engine - double pump fluid pumping unit (fpu), truck -mounted nitrogen pumping unit (npu), 27.1/2" (698.50 mm) rotary table, 7.1/16" x 10 m double ram bop with accessories, 13.5/8" x 10 m single ram bop with accessories, 3.1/16" x 10 m flexible steel hoses for choke manifold, 3.1/8" x 5 m flexible steel hoses for choke manifold, 2.1/16" x 5m - ss flexible steel hose 3.1/16" x 10m - ss flexible steel hose, 3.1/8" x 5m flexible steel hoses, thermal wellheads for 7" and 9.5/8" casing completion with, installation & commissioning, hose vibrator, rotary hose, drilling in assorted length, 2.34 mm (0.092") piano wireline (well measuring line), trailer- mounted acid pumping unit (apu) with tractor, static gel strength analyzer, electronic reservoir pressure and temperature measuring gauge., automatic distillation apparatus, ft – ir spectrophotometer, rheometer, 350 short ton drilling hook & elevator links (250 short ton, 350 short, ton and 500 short ton), digital acoustic liquid level measuring cum dynamometer equipment, echometer), cross over, premium box x api eue & pup-joint, 2.7/8", premium in, assorted length, geological thin section preparation unit comprising of cutting,, vacuum impregnation, grinding and polishing equipment and, consumables., polarised microscope, pony drill collar, premium tubing, 37.1/2” rotary table, air gas permeameter, double block and bleed isolation plug, gas chromatograph, low to moderate temperature cement retarder, high temperature fluid loss additive, xcd-polymer, xc-polymer (premium), poly anionic cellulose-regular, poly anionic cellulose-super lo, junk sub 5.1/2 inch & 7 inch, 13.5/8-inch x 10000 psi annular bop, 13.5/8-inch x 10000 psi double ram bop., ct reels, kill pump, super fishing jar, drilling jar, overshots, slammer logging cables, 3” left hand kelly, multi element analyzer, liquid polymeric sealing agent, high performance ep lube, rop enhancer/ accretion inhibitor, mud pump, mercury free pvt system, surface memory gauge, accessories of logging cable, downhole pressure temperature gauge, real time kinematic differential global positioning system.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 46180946
Closing Date 31 - Jan - 2022  |  54 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of rubber stopper with bearing plate. rdso's drawing no-sketch-97068,alt-3,item no.1. matl. & specn.: as per drawing.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 46370262
Closing Date 25 - Jan - 2022  |  48 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of rubber profile #*. supply of description :rubber profile to rcf drg. no. t-5-1-640 alt. er, the item to besupplied in roll of 32 meter length.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Bihar Tenders Ref.No 46276994
Closing Date 24 - Jan - 2022  |  47 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of procurement of overhauling rubber kit for c3w design d.v consisting of 42 items etc. #* supply of overhauling rubber kit for c3w design distributor valve consisting of 42(fortytwo) items as perannexure attached.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 46460815
Closing Date 17 - Jan - 2022  |  40 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of rubber hose complete etc. #*. supply of description :rubber hose complete with steel end fittings for bp as per easternrailway kpa w/shop drg no er/kpa/
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jharkhand Tenders Ref.No 46531385
Closing Date 17 - Jan - 2022  |  40 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of hose assembly 1" with flange for boxnhl. drawing no. : kbi part no.-1.4.2036 or similar conforming to rdso's spec no. wd-23 bmbs-2008 (rev.-1), amend-1 of sept- 2016. #*. supply of description :hose assembly 1" with flange for boxnhl. drawing no. : kbi part no.-1.4.2036 or similarconforming to rdso's spec no. wd-23 bmbs-2008 (rev.-1), amend-1 of sept-2016.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 46536608
Closing Date 17 - Jan - 2022  |  40 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of rubber profile (length 3.7 mtrts.) #*. supply of description :rubber profile (length 3.7 mtrts.) drawing no. : rcf drawing no. lw54109, alt.- nil. matl. & spec:as per drawing.
Sector Road Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 46382522
Closing Date 17 - Jan - 2022  |  40 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of vehicle spare parts & general store hardware, cap oil filter, blue maxx anna bond, s/a of fan & clutch 6dt, fan clutch, rubber element rear, clutch rod socket, rear axle shaft, rear brake liner set, brake liner rivits 80 h long, roller for brake, fullkrum end spring, spring came end, fullkrum pin for brake, derline bush front, clutch plate, s/a withdrawal plate assy, c.w sleeve 4f, diesel flexible pipe, rear/front brake drum, bolt c.b housing, bolt shackle pin, p.s nut, p.s bolt, king pin std, king pin bush top & bottom, king pin kit std, rear spring bracket, spring shackle, bearing housing, oil filter element, shackle pin, main leaf bush, flange yoke, stub ball yoke, u.j cross tusker, u.j cross ball, centre bearing joint assy, mid slip stub shaft, slip stub shaft, sleeve yoke, companion flange, centre bearing rubber, hose, rubber bush radiator, engine mounting pad, metacone mounting, o ring front/rear axle, front brake hose, rear brake hose, a/c brake hose, e2 valve rep kit 6/2, major rep kit 30 no, end assy r.h, repair kit, bolt with nut, u bolt, axle stud, front wheel bolt, rear wheel bolt, wheel nut, rear brake liner set, gear side differential, piston ring set, major rep kit, leveling valve, automatic slack adjuster, rg2 relay valve kit, shock absorber, taper pivot volt, spherilastic bush, oil filter, fan belt, steering filter, piston assy, cylinder liner, new power steering pump, hose pipe clip, gear housing bolt, came caller washer, slack adjuster kit, clutch rod die inner/outer, spherical washer plain, accelerator end, accelerator spring, rear hub chuck nut lock nut, engine mtg pad bolt, hub shim front/rear, king pin shim, clutch rod complete, king pin cotter big/small, front spindle cotter pin, synchronizer, synchromiser sleeve, brass pad, gear lever box assy, gear lever bullet, pressure plate pad, radiator hose pipe, pressure plate kit, steering input seal kit, gear box seal kit, bracket bolt 22 no, gear liver shifter, steering seal kit minor, injector pipes, hydraulic hose pipe big/small brassring (gear), roof/back light bulb, helogen bulb, h.l lamp 43 t, h.l lamp 45t front hub outer brg 535-532, front hub inner brg t 6379-6320, rear hub outer brg 563-566, rear hub inner brg 580-572, de brg for alternator 6304, pilot brg 6203, clutch ball bearing 6212, king pin brg t-151, p.s centre bearing bs2nd, benjo washer 19, benjo bolt, fuel water seprator, sealing washer, feed pump valve spring, feed pump valve, hand primary, over flow valve, benjo washer 14 no axle packing, tapit cover packing, front hub wheel cap packing, cylinder head gaskit, h.lassy 24 v, h.l holder 3 pin, side indicator assy, side indicator cover, rear hub inner oil seal, rear hub outer oil seal, rear main oil seal, front hub oil seal, pinion oil seal, combination switch, starter push button, dimmer switch, h.l switch, p.p switch, brake light switch, side indicator switch, wiper arm 50omm, wiper blade, timing oil seal, back light bulb d/p, gear box oil seal r.l holder, benjo washer 17 no, auto fuse, oil sensor pipe, steering pump oil seal, door bearing 62004, fuel filter with ring bs4 tata, fuel water seprator bs4 tata, oil filter bs4 tata bs4, sensor for bs4, diesel injector knob (t type) diesel injectorknob(l type), h.l unit tata, rear spring, fuel water saprator, fuel filter bs3rd, dry battery, battery cable wire, l.t wire 4mm, l.t wire 6mm, ire 8mm, m.s bolt full thread, nylock nut, battery terminali+/-), car washer hose, drill bit3.1/5.1/3.6/6.3, door lock r.h/l.h, door handle zinc, front curved glass r.h/lh, m.s sheet 1.6*125*250, m.s angle 40*40*6, m.s welding rod 8 no, m.s welding rod 10 no, pope rivet, smoke grey, black paint, thinner, red paint, ace white paint.
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